zondag 3 januari 2016

About Blanks

Happy New Year!
If one of your new years resolutions is keeping a diary you should definitely check out the notebooks of About Blanks. They reuse beautiful old books and turn them in new note- and sketchbooks.

I really love their philosophy:
"It is very important to be aware of the things that surround us. The shortage of raw materials in contemporary society forces us to become more creative with the already existing materials. About Blanks is about using those already existing materials in order to create new combinations, inspired by what happens in the world around us. That is exactly what happens inside our About Blanks books – new ideas come to life! Every About Blanks book is unique and is crafted by hand. That is what makes them so special. Every book is one of a kind. The covers are made of reused covers and the inner part is made of paper from responsible sources (FSC)."

Check out their webshop or find a brick and morter-shop in your area here.

Credits: photo's and cursief text by About Blanks.

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