zondag 1 november 2015

Locht by Omstebeurt

Now november started it's time to get yourself some nice candles, preferably with a nice scent and in a beautiful glass jar. Locht is just that! Made of eco soy wax in a sweet brown glass jar.
My favorite scent for the livingroom is the Sage and Fig and in my bedroom I have a Lavender Locht candle.

"LOCHT is air. Groningen air. Delish air in an authentic glass medicine jar. She comes in ten different variations, is handmade in Groningen (NL) with natural ingredients and will last for at least 20 hours."

The Locht candle comes in 10 different scents (Almond, Basil, Bergamot, Ceder, Lavender, Orangeblossom, Pomelo, Rosemary, Sage and Fig). 
You can buy Locht online at Een Nieuw Avontuur shop (click) or in some shops around the Netherlands like WAUW in The Hague (click).

credits: photo's and the pink text made by Omstebeurt.

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